Centerstone Group executes the most comprehensive and successful process to facilitate timeshare resolution for their clients

Timeshare Transfer

You may be best served by a Transfer as the best course for exit from your timeshare. Transfer is typically the best option if you have already completed the initial purchase of your timeshare and are current or can become current on your maintenance fees associated with your timeshare. Transfer is typically quicker and less expensive than other timeshare exit options.

Pressure Campaign

When a client does not qualify for a transfer, a quick and effective path to timeshare exit is often through a direct negotiation with your timeshare company. This campaign is executed through a series of letters, social media/review site campaigns and regulatory complaints (as applicable). These outlets allow clients that have been misrepresented to shed light on the timeshare companies’ short comings and apply pressure to let them out and ideally force them to change their unsavory practices. Many timeshare companies fail to foster an environment of compliance which ultimately results in some unsavory business practices that represent risk for these companies. This process will only work if you know what you are doing, similar to representing yourself in a court of law. Approaching your timeshare company in this manner requires insider knowledge of both the company and the industry. Centerstone Group has this experience and expertise and is uniquely positioned to guide you through the execution of these campaigns.

Attorney Exit

In some cases, if a pressure campaign was not successful, hiring an attorney may be your best (or only) option. Beware timeshare exit companies that try to push you to this solution as the only or initial path to exit. Attorney’s are expensive and this process is often slower than other viable solutions. Attorney’s may end up being the most viable solution only after other faster and less expensive solutions have proved unproductive. Attorneys are only a viable option if your timeshare did more than one of the following when selling you your timeshare.

  • Employed deceptive tactics to lure you into the timeshare presentation
  • Employed high-pressure sales tactics to get you to sign their agreement
  • Failed to fully explain your maintenance fee obligations
  • Failed to disclose your exposure to special assessment fees
  • Failed to disclose other fee obligations required to use your timeshare
  • Told you your timeshare was an investment or would appreciate in value
  • Told you your timeshare was a real estate purchase
  • Have subjected you to harassing calls soliciting additional purchases
  • Failed to meet Truth in Lending disclosure obligations
  • Failed to disclose or misrepresented your initial Right of Rescission
  • Told you there was a robust resale market for your timeshare
  • Told you there was a healthy rental market allowing you to profit from your timeshare
  • Misrepresented what you were purchasing in any way

Other Services (at no extra cost)

Credit Monitoring and Repair: Many Centerstone Group clients elect to stop paying the timeshare company or homeowners association while their exit is being facilitated. In those cases, Centerstone Group provides clients a best in class credit monitoring and repair service to protect clients’ credit.

Tax Attorney Services: Some unscrupulous timeshare companies will try to stick exited members with a tax obligation associated with their timeshare release. While other timeshare exit companies no longer support their clients post exit, Centerstone Group remains by their client’s side. Our tax attorneys fight to make sure your timeshare company does not saddle you with an unfair tax bill associated with your release.

Summary Centerstone Group has developed the most comprehensive timeshare resolution process in the industry. Where other timeshare exit organizations incorporate one path to resolution for their clients and provide no support post exit, Centerstone has developed a 3-pronged approach to deliver results based on each client’s needs all of the way through the entire exit process and beyond. Our 3-pronged approach decreases the time and cost of exiting your contract and assures Centerstone Group clients the best success rate and overall value in the marketplace.