Cancelling a timeshare may be possible if you were a victim of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, or misrepresentation during the timeshare sales process. We will need to analyze your case to determine eligibility. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.
Getting started is simple. Just give us a call to speak with one of our Intake Specialists who will guide you through the process. The Intake Specialist will collect key information from you such as the date you purchased the timeshare and the sales tactics used during the presentation. If you do not have this information handy, our Intake Specialist may be able help you locate it.
Unlike other timeshare exit companies you may have researched; we do not believe that you should have to choose between your credit score and ridding yourself of your unwanted timeshare. We will work with you to make sure that your credit is repaired if anything transpires.
The cost of the service varies based on a variety of factors, for example the details of your situation, how long you have owned the timeshare and what state you reside in. We have found that we are very price competitive and believe that we offer the best value in the timeshare exit business. Whatever the cost of getting out of your timeshare is, it will be pennies compared to the cost of staying in your timeshare another year!
Centerstone Group is the only timeshare exit firm that utilizes our proprietary 3-pronged process. Additionally, we successfully negotiate releases with clients in as short as a month and average quicker resolutions overall than anyone other timeshare exit company or law firm.
Because at Centerstone Group, results matter! Our 3-pronged process gets clients out faster and at a very competitive price point, saving you thousands of dollars. There is no doubt that Centerstone Group is the best in the industry at achieving results for its clients.