Why Hire Us?

Centerstone Group has developed the most comprehensive timeshare resolution process in the industry. Where other timeshare exit organizations incorporate one path to resolution for their clients, Centerstone has developed a 3-pronged approach to deliver results based on each client’s needs. Our 3-pronged approach decreases the time to resolution and assures Centerstone Group clients the best success rate and value in the exit industry. Additionally, Centerstone Group has forged partnerships with industry leaders in the legal, credit and transfer industries to deliver a 360-degree resolution for its clients.

Cost Timeshare Exit Services Offered Centerstone Group Timeshare Exit Companies that Work with Lawyers Timeshare Exit Companies that Do Not Work with Lawyers Timeshare Exit Law Firms Timeshare Exit Transfer Companies
$$ Pressure Campaigns Against Timeshare Developer Yes Yes
$$ Timeshare Exit Transfer to a “Receiver” Yes Yes
$$$ Attorney Representation Yes Yes Yes
$$$ +
Negative Mark on Your Credit
Letting Your Timeshare Go In to Foreclosure and Considering It a Successful Exit Yes Yes

Pressure Campaigns – A series of letters, social media/review site campaigns and regulatory complaints (as applicable) that are used to shed light on the timeshare companies short comings and apply pressure to let you out and ultimately, to change their practices.

Receiver” – When initiating a timeshare exit transfer, the transferee is technically taking over your timeshare obligations, and often we need to pay the receiving party to take the timeshare off your hands.

Bottom Line – Our 3-pronged approach gets you out of your timeshare faster, cheaper and at a higher success rate than the competition.