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Our Proven Process to Resolve your Timeshare
Situation & Issues


Execute a series of pressure campaigns to facilitate a release from the client’s timeshare company(s).


If our pressure campaign does not facilitate your timeshare release, we assign to an attorney for representation.


Timeshare Company’s legal department speaks to client’s attorney and a full contract resolution is negotiated.


Client receives a full release of obligation from their timeshare. Maintenance fee letters and collection calls cease to exist.

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Exit Process in 4 easy steps

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  • Bette Sarnevitz
    a month ago
    They would not take mine as ‘mantenance fee’ was not high enough! What does that have to do with it? They do demand money up front and probably leave you holding the bag. Don’t trust them.
  • Candy Lehnen
    11 months ago
    Centerstone Group has been very helpful. They are the most honest timeshare exit company I have come across. The specialist are very knowledgeable and helpful and can let you know what is best for you with exiting your timeshare. I 100% recommend their services if you are wanting out of your timeshare!
  • Earl Williams
    11 months ago
    I came to Centerstone Group after speaking with two other companies about my timeshare problems. I went through their website and liked their approach. It looks like they are very good at this service. Then we spoke on the phone. They were very professional and didn't immediately tell me a price or that I could
  • Harry Scott
    10 months ago
    “The employees I talked with were sincere and knowledgeable. No high pressure which I appreciate We got enough high pressure from the timeshare company. I would recommend Centerstone Group to anyone seeking information and a way to get out of their timeshare.”

We are here to help. Give us a call at for a free consultation

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