How Hilton Grand Vacations Cost Is Going up in 2022

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Florida-based company Hilton Grand Vacations is one of the most affluent timeshare providers in the industry. Their membership program Hilton Grand Vacations Club is known for its adventurous take on vacationing, allowing its club members to use points for travel all over the world. HGVC members can stay at the Hilton Club in New York City one year, Hawaii the next year, and maybe even Las Vegas for a bonus trip in between. But that doesn’t come without the added Hilton Grand Vacations costs. And in recent times, these costs are only increasing.

Though Hilton timeshares claim to offer a wide range of affordable options on their properties, timeshare owners end up paying much more than their initial down payment. Purchase costs, annual maintenance fees, reservation fees, and membership costs make them far less affordable than renting at one of their resorts. Unfortunately, prices have risen even more in 2022. Here is a rundown of Hilton Grand Vacations cost increases that will come into play this year. If you are an HGVC owner, these price gouges may motivate you to seek timeshare cancellation.

How Hilton Grand Vacations Ownership Works

Before we dive into Hilton Grand Vacations cost increases, let’s review how this timeshare developer operates. HGV members are given the option to have a fixed week and to enroll in a Hilton Club membership. For both of these options, owners will have a home resort, which is the primary location that their timeshare resides in. They will also have a home week, which is the week of the year that dictates when vacations can be taken.

Vacation club members are given a certain amount of points based on the value of their timeshare property. The time of year, location, size, and amenities of the timeshare determines how many points they will receive. If someone has a seven-night stay at a summer timeshare in Myrtle Beach with two bedrooms and a full kitchen, they will probably accrue more points than a four-night, one-bedroom autumnal timeshare with a simple kitchenette in Utah.

If you are part of Hilton Grand Vacations Club, you will automatically be assigned ClubPoints for your timeshare. However, Hilton Grand Vacations offers two additional types of points to their members. Here’s a breakdown of how each works:


  • Choose from 55 HGVC resorts
  • Exchange access to 4,200 RCI exchange resorts
  • Access to ClubPartner Perks program

Bonus Points:

  • Access to ClubPartner Perks and stays within Hilton portfolio of brands
  • Redemption for specialty merchandise and gift certificates
  • Offset annual maintenance fees
  • Convert to Hilton Honors Points or combine with ClubPoints

Hilton Honors Points:

  • Access to 6,600 hotels and resorts within the Hilton portfolio of brands
  • No added fees when making reservations

HGV designed this point system to offer you a combination of destinations and added perks that traditional timeshare providers don’t. But the seemingly endless possibilities come at a high cost. There are plenty of Hilton Grand Vacations costs you’ll have to pay before you even check-in to your resort.

Hilton Grand Vacations Cost Increases for 2022

Hilton Hotel in Baku Azerbaijan

Using HGVC points isn’t as simple or cheap as they’d have you think. With all the hidden fees, it’s important for members to know how to operate the system without raking up mounds of transfer charges on their credit card. Here are some of the most common fees that HGVC members will come across when trying to stay at different timeshare resorts and how much these fees will be increasing in 2022.

Inventory Activation Fees

This is the fee that you have to pay once you’ve officially purchased your HGVC property and are entered into the points system. Customers have to pay this fee in order to start earning annual points and exchanging stays at their home resort for new destinations. This fee already cost a steep $382 in 2021 but has now increased to $392 in 2022. So on top of the down payment you pay on your initial timeshare purchase, you also have to invest almost $400 to start using your timeshare membership.

Ownership Change Fees

If you purchase an HGV timeshare resale or if you’re transferring ownership to another person, whoever takes on new ownership is responsible for paying an ownership change fee. This added fee is another inconvenience to pile on top of the many costs and complications that come with the timeshare resale process. What’s worse is that the price has increased from $429 in 2021 to $450 in 2022. And this doesn’t even account for additional escrow, title services, and recording fees. 

Reservation Fees

One of the benefits of being a Hilton Grand Vacations member is that you’re not limited to booking within your specific timeshare week. Having a membership allows you to book stays at any time a year. But using this service doesn’t come without added fees. 

You are charged anytime you make a reservation outside of your home week. If you want to make a home resort or club reservation using your points, you must pay a $59 fee online or a $99 fee by phone. If you are making a reservation using bonus points, you’ll have to pay $79 online or $109 by phone. Though these fees haven’t changed in 2022, they did increase between the years 2019 and 2021. So, who’s to say that these Hilton Grand Vacations costs won’t increase within the next few years? Given the high inflation across our economy, these fees will likely be increasing at historic rates to account for HGVC’s increased labor, delivery, and product costs.

Club Dues

Paying annual maintenance fees to your home resort is par for the course when it comes to timeshare ownership. But when you’re a HGVC member, you are also responsible for paying your club dues. These fees cover the cost of accessing Hilton Grand Vacations wide network of resorts and perks. The amount that these club dues have increased depends on whether you’re a timeshare owner within or outside of the United States. For domestic timeshare owners, dues have gone up from $186 in 2021 to $193 in 2022. For international owners, dues have boosted from $219 to $227 this year.

How to Escape Hilton Grand Vacations Costs

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HGV sells people on a flexible points system that allows members to exchange points for stays at thousands of resorts throughout the world. But as you can see, Hilton Grand Vacations costs are plentiful and subject to change by the year. 

For new members, activation fees that give you access to the points system have increased to almost $400 in 2022. And ownership change fees have gone up even more. For members old and new, unavoidable club dues have also increased in 2022. These price gouges are frustrating enough to make you question why you even want a membership with Hilton Grand Vacations.

If Hilton Grand Vacations costs have gotten too high for your liking and for your wallet, it’s time to consider your options. Do you want to spend your life paying these ever-increasing fees? Or do you want to see if exiting your ownership is possible? If so, it’s time to contact Centerstone Group.

Centerstone Group is a full-service advocacy group that specializes in helping clients resolve timeshare contracts. Our team is made up of timeshare industry professionals who know the exit process inside and out. We’ve helped victims of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, and misrepresentation escape ownership and return to a life free of unnecessary timeshare costs.

Contact us to see if our time-tested resolution process can prevent you from having to put up with unnecessary Hilton Grand Vacations cost increases.


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