Why Are Hilton Grand Vacations Reviews So Bad?

Hilton Grand Vacations reviews: numerous skyscrapers

Think that Hilton Hotels has a good reputation? Well according to Hilton Grand Vacations reviews, the same cannot be said for the timeshare developer that branched off from the larger Hilton company in 2017. Hilton Grand Vacations has quite the polarizing effect within the timeshare industry. 


On one hand, it’s one of the most prosperous timeshare companies out there. In fact, there are Hilton properties in places like New York City, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and Waikoloa, Hawaii. But the expansive reach of Hilton Grand Vacations Club does not compensate for the mistreatment of its timeshare-owning customers. 


According to the Hilton Grand Vacations reviews on Better Business Bureau, the company has many faults. Customers complain that HGV has excessively long timeshare presentations, a severe lack of booking availability, and through the roof maintenance fees


The company also uses deceptive sales tactics and tricky messaging about timeshare property value to get people to invest. Let’s get into all the cautionary things Hilton Grand Vacations reviews reveal about this Orlando-based timeshare developer.


What Hilton Grand Vacations Reviews Say

When you see that Hilton Grand Vacations is listed as an accredited business with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, it may be shocking to see their 1.13- out of five-star customer review rating. As is the case with many vacation ownership companies like RCI and Marriott Vacations Worldwide, having inconsistent ratings is not uncommon. Here are some of the major complaints listed in the Hilton Grand Vacations reviews.


Lengthy Sales Presentations

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If you are familiar with the world of timeshare ownership, you’ll know that it often starts off with a voucher for a free night stay in a hotel room in exchange for attending a sales pitch. As with many other timeshare providers, Hilton Grand Vacations uses this technique to reel in customers who may not otherwise consider timeshare ownership. Then comes the pitch. 


Most of the time, HGVC salespeople will tell you that it’s just a two-hour pitch. Friendly staff will greet you, chat you up and get to know you by asking about your favorite family vacations, what kind of things you like to do on trips, and your dream destinations. Once they have the customer feeling comfortable, they’ll start putting the pressure on. 


Many a review of Hilton Grand Vacations mentions that the timeshare presentations always last much longer than promised. In fact, many customers say they were trapped for up to six hours despite the initial two-hour guarantee. During this time, the HGV salespeople will use high-pressure tactics and deception to get you to sign a timeshare contract. 


Some reviewers stated that their salesperson told them that buying a timeshare is a real estate investment that increases in value constantly. They also say that Hilton Grand Vacations will buy back the property in full if the timeshare owner ever wants to sell it. Unfortunately, these claims are rarely true and are simply said to trick people into signing a contract.


Booking Unavailability

Another sentiment among Hilton Grand Vacations reviews is the lack of booking availability. Numerous customers wrote that they handed over their credit card and agreed to purchase a timeshare because they thought it would guarantee them a trip to their favorite vacation destination every year. They agreed to specific arrangements like a five-night, six-day stay in Las Vegas, NV with a two-bedroom suite and pool area. And the person who sold them the timeshare guaranteed that they’d be able to book this time and time again. But that person lied.


So many Hilton Grand Vacations reviews say that the place customers thought they were buying never ended up being available. And if they were, it was for much fewer nights and in a smaller unit than what they initially paid for. 


One customer said that when they purchased a timeshare, they thought it would give them access to a spacious unit in New York City, they found that booking a spot there was near impossible. HGV‘s excuse was that popular destinations fill up quickly and that a solution to this was upgrading to a better vacation package. However, some of the customers who did take this action found that booking was still impossible. 


The problem with points systems like Hilton Grand Vacations is that the company keeps getting new customers to buy timeshares but doesn’t build new units at the same rate. This causes competition among owners to book a spot that doesn’t have enough availability for everyone. 


Many reviewers stated that they would go a year or two without actually using their timeshare because units were never available when they wanted to book. Then their points would eventually expire and they’d end up wasting money despite HGV‘s pitch that timeshares actually save you money. 


Constantly Increasing Maintenance Fees

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Annual maintenance fees tend to increase with timeshares. It’s an unfortunate reality that many timeshare owners face. But what shouldn’t be reality is being misled about these increases. Many of the Hilton Grand Vacations reviews expressed disdain for how much these fees went up each year. And with all the booking issues that HGV has, many of these yearly fees would end up going to waste because they couldn’t be used. 


Throughout the reviews, many HGV customers said that there was no mention of increasing maintenance fees during the initial sales pitch. There is so much focus placed on the endless possibilities of being part of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club and all the perks that come with it yet no discussion of how drastic the fee increases are. 


Many reviewers also expressed that when they tried to call HGV about these issues, they were put on hold for hours, passed around from one representative to the next, and constantly berated with requests to upgrade their membership level.


Don’t Invest in Hilton Grand Vacations

If Hilton Grand Vacations reviews tell you anything, it should be that this timeshare developer is not worth investing in. It utilizes deceptive sales tactics to sell customers on vacations that are rarely as dreamy as they seem. According to the reviews, HGV has sales presentations last way longer than promised, timeshares at locations that severely lack availability, and ever-increasing maintenance fees that their salespeople fail to discuss during the sales process. The best answer to the HGV sales pitch is, “No.”


But what if you’ve already become a member of Hilton Grand Vacations Club? You trusted the sales pitch, got yourself locked into pricey maintenance fees, and are unable to escape your timeshare contract even though HGV said you’d be able to sell it back to them. If you’ve been a victim of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, or misrepresentation during the Hilton Grand Vacations sales process, it’s painful to try to regain your rights on your own. Centerstone Group wants to help you.


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