The Rescission Method of Timeshare Exit

Many timeshare salespeople will say anything to get you to buy their timeshare. They make promises about world travel, reservations whenever you want them, a secure “investment” even touting the benefits of being able to pass this on to your kids! This is not entirely their fault, that is how the timeshare company trains them to sell the product at all costs. Often these salespeople have their job threatened daily if they fail to meet sales quotas. They are trained to play off your emotions and to use suspect tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line, for life. The important thing to remember is it is not your fault! These companies spend millions recruiting and training these salespeople to trap you into their timeshare purgatory.

They tell you the presentation will only be 1.5 to 2 hours. Then will not let you leave with the gift you were initially promised until you have been visited by multiple sales closers at your table to wear you down. Often, they end up “ruding” you into a purchase by creating uncomfortable conflict with you and your spouse. Timeshare companies have found that they can pressure good people into buying by exhausting them into submission. It is not unlike interrogation tactics used across the world to pull information from a suspect.

During that exhausting process, they would have laid a lengthy contract before you and may or may not have talked about how you can cancel any time during the Rescission Period. This Rescission Period is typically a 3 to 7-day period that affords you the right to cancel your contract for any reason. That gives you 3-7 calendar days to study the entire contract as well as all the other product documentation that you have already signed, to determine if you want to keep this purchase. Many times, you are on a vacation and they know you will not look at the paperwork in detail until you return home If you do elect to cancel the agreement, then you can cancel your contract only by following the exact instructions that are provided. However, if you fail to make a claim to cancel the contract within the first few days or per their rigorous steps, your contract becomes legally binding In most instances these contracts are binding for the rest of not only your life but perhaps even your heir’s lives.

While this may seem overwhelming, this is the best and easiest way to get out of your contract. If you are still within the rescission period for your purchase, we recommend you contact your timeshare company as soon as possible and execute those rescission steps to a “T”. We would advise that you follow-up 2 days later to make sure that your rescission request has been honored. Be prepared because many timeshare companies and salespeople do not honor their own policy and may tell you that you did not execute in time or per the details of their complicated process. If that happens to you, please reach out to Centerstone Group immediately and we will talk with you about your options to hold them accountable to the rescission process and get you out of your timeshare. We help good people like yourself get out of their timeshare contracts.

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