Wyndham Scams: Preventing Bad Timeshare Investments

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Wyndham scams — ever heard of one? Or worse, are you a Wyndham owner who’s currently caught up in one? If not, count yourself lucky. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, also known as Club Wyndham or WorldMark, is one of the most popular and influential companies in the timeshare industry

But this Orlando-based company is also known as one of the most manipulative companies to purchase properties from. In its history of being a top-selling timeshare developer, Wyndham has managed to catch itself in multiple lawsuits and left many timeshare owners feeling regretful over their purchase.

In this article we’ll review some of the legal troubles that the company has gotten itself into over the years. We’ll also take a look at the negative experiences and major complaints that disgruntled customers have had to endure working with Wyndham. From these Wyndham scams we hope to warn people who are interested in timeshare ownership against investing in scammers like Club Wyndham.

Legal Trouble Over Wyndham Scams

Like competing timeshare companies Westgate Resorts and Diamond International, Wyndham is often accused of scamming its customers in order to make sales. It’s an unfortunate truth that runs rampant in the tradition of timeshare sales pitches. But the cases in which Wyndham representatives have been accused of committing timeshare fraud is what should warn potential buyers to never step foot in a Wyndham timeshare presentation.

One of the timeshare scams that Wyndham was caught in led to a disciplinary action filed in August 2014. In this case, a couple who already owned three Wyndham timeshares was told by multiple sales people that they would be able to sell back their properties if they decided they no longer wanted them. This however went directly against the written terms of the company, which stated that they didn’t currently offer a buyback program or any sort of timeshare resale assistance.

This disciplinary action led to a $15,000 fine for Wyndham. It also caused many to question the lengths to which this company would go just to get customers to hand over their credit card and make a down payment on a property they thought they’d be able to eventually sell. 

Wyndham also found itself in hot water with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture when it was under investigation for 29 consumer complaints that were filed between 2008 and 2013. Due to these complaints, the company had to pay more than $800,000 in investigative costs, refunds, and debt relief.

How Wyndham Scams Its Customers

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If you think these indiscretions are just blips, you need to hear what Vacation Club members and victims of Wyndham scams have to say about the company. Because with a Better Business Bureau customer score of 1.04 out of 5 and a C+ rating, it’s obvious that many people have had less-than-stellar timeshare vacation experiences with the company. 

Long Sales Presentations 

Another major Wyndham scam is they often lie about how long their sales presentations last. Though Wyndham tells people that their presentations are only 1.5 hours long, timeshare reviewers often complain of being stuck in pitches that last up to six hours. 

During this process sales representatives use all kinds of tactics to get customers to purchase. They’ll tell you how convenient the Wyndham rewards system is, how owning a timeshare will save you tons of money on vacations, and how you can resell your Wyndham points and even rent out your property to earn extra money. In reality, many of these statements are false. 

Difficulty Booking Vacations

A major complaint about Wyndham’s points system is that it’s impossible to book vacations using it. Many owners complain that although they technically own a unit at a specific timeshare resort, booking it during their allotted week can be very challenging. Many customers have said they have to book over a year in advance or buy extra points just to reserve their spot. And regardless of whether they can actually book at the time they want, customers are still charged annual maintenance fees and won’t be able to use their vacation points if they don’t book in time. 

High Maintenance Fees

On the topic of maintenance fees, Wyndham has been known to have ever-increasing ones that aren’t adequately explained during the timeshare sales process. Like many other developers, sales representatives with Wyndham are allowed to skirt around the topic of fees so long as it’s detailed within the customer’s timeshare contract. But just because this is a common practice doesn’t mean it’s right.

Many Wyndham customers say their fees increase greatly each year. Considering that Wyndham calls itself one of the most affordable timeshare companies, having major maintenance fee increases seems to be inconsistent with the idea that owning a timeshare will save you tons of money on vacations. One customer claimed that all the money they’ve spent on maintenance fees could have paid for a trip around the world.

In addition, Wyndham was charged with withholding money from its members in the Nolen vs. Fairshare Vacation Owners Class Action Suit. In this case, Fairshare (otherwise known as Club Wyndham Plus) withheld a significant amount of money that should have been given to Wyndham Club Members. So not only are maintenance fees constantly rising. Members are being deprived of funds that they rightfully own. 

Stopping Customers From Rescission

Annual increasing maintenance fees are not uncommon in the timeshare industry. But what should be uncommon is preventing customers from canceling their timeshare within their rescission period, which Wyndham has been guilty of.

If you’re familiar with timeshares you know that the rescission period usually lasts seven to 10 days after the contract is signed. So if you find yourself regretting your timeshare purchase, canceling the day of seems like a safe option. 

However, this isn’t always possible with Wyndham, as they have been known to assign sales reps to work their offices on closed days and off-hours in order to keep clients from rescinding their contracts. This schedule is referred to internally as “rat patrol,” which speaks volumes about how they treat owners.

An example of Wyndham’s tricky rescission practices was outlined in a Wyndham Yelp review. In this review, a customer reported that they attempted timeshare rescission the same day they signed their contract. Wyndham, however, didn’t allow him to cancel that day and later denied that he ever attempted rescission. He says Wyndham still hasn’t let him out of his contract and that his unwanted timeshare purchase is ruining his credit.

How to Escape Wyndham Scams

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Why would you want to get caught up in a Wyndham scam? The company has been involved in multiple lawsuits for lying to customers, traps people in long sales presentations, is extremely difficult to book vacations with, has ever-increasing maintenance fees, and has been guilty of preventing people from canceling well within their legal rescission period. It’s one of the worst timeshare companies in the industry, yet continues to trick innocent people into timeshare contracts every year.

Wyndham scams and poor customer reviews should prove to everybody that it’s not a company worth investing your time, money, or emotions into. Wyndham will only leave you with unbooked vacations, wasted rewards points, and an empty wallet from all the pointless maintenance fees you’ve paid. Getting stuck in a timeshare contract you can’t escape isn’t worth the free breakfast or complimentary stay at a Wyndham hotel, trust us.

Have all these Wyndham scams and lawsuits convinced you that buying a timeshare from this company is a no-go? Or are you already stuck in an unwanted timeshare purchase with them? If this is the case, reach out to Centerstone Group for help. 

We’re a full-service advocacy group that offers contract resolution for clients seeking release from their contracts. Our leadership team has more than 33 years of experience within the timeshare exit industry and uses a time-tested resolution process to resolve your timeshare issues quickly and affordably. Contact us for your free consultation.


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