Your Time to Cancel Your Timeshare May Be Running Out -Your Timeshare Company is on the ATTACK!

Over the past year, timeshare companies have engaged in an escalated attack on the timeshare exit industry. The timeshare giants are facilitating this attack by:

  1.  Filed frivolous lawsuits designed to force timeshare exit firms to choose to close their doors or file bankruptcy
  2. Initiated national television ad campaigns maligning timeshare exit
  3. Engaged in scare tactics designed to try to force owners to fall in line
  4. Smeared the timeshare exit industry as a whole

These tactics are vicious, and they will stop at nothing short of eliminating owners’ options to resolve their timeshare pain. It is not right nor is it fair, and it is not in timeshare owners’ best interests.

What the world looks like without timeshare exit options

It is not pretty! If you are one of the timeshare owners that have called your timeshare company to seek a resolution, you know that all too often there is no viable solution through your timeshare company.

If the timeshare company is unwilling to help and they squash the only viable exit path their owners have, then timeshare owners may be stuck forever. Additionally, a viable timeshare exit path helps to keep unscrupulous timeshare companies from allowing their misleading sales presentations to the next levels of consumer deceit. Can you imagine what it would be like if timeshare companies had no repercussions for misrepresenting consumers and unethically selling them timeshares that do not do what was promised?

Timeshare Resolution Offered by Timeshare Companies

Despite their attempts to convince you otherwise, unscrupulous timeshare companies do not offer viable solutions to owner’s timeshare pain that they are responsible for tricking their owners into More often than not, timeshare company sponsored solutions are nothing more than a “reprogramming” campaign, made up of telling owners that somehow, it is their fault the timeshare is not working for them. They begin by telling them that they do not know how to use it or purchased the wrong membership, or that they just do not own enough to accomplish what the salesperson originally told you that you could accomplish. Sometimes telling owners that the misrepresentations their own employees subjected them to were not misrepresentations at all, rather misunderstandings which ultimately are no ones fault but your own.

That is obviously not the solution that timeshare owners are looking for from their developer. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners fall for these tactics and end up digging themselves deeper into debt by trying to buy their way into what they hope will be timeshare happiness. An old friend used to tell me “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is STOP DIGGING!” Buying more timeshare is not going to solve the problem.

We have a client, let us call him Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith called his timeshare company for options to resolve his  issue and was told the only option was to add his name to their list and that between March 1 and March 31 of the next year they would “consider” releasing owners. They told Mr. Smith that they would call him if he was selected. However, there are no guarantees and Mr. Smith had to stay current on his maintenance fees to be eligible. As you might imagine, Mr. Smith was never selected and after a few years of waiting, he came to Centerstone Group and he was out of his timeshare 3 months later! Mr. Smith wishes he had come to us a few years prior, rather than waiting on the list. It is inexcusable, but an example of how timeshare companies coerce owners to “toe the line” and continue to pay them fees.

The Unfortunate Reality of Timeshare Exit

Sadly, there are timeshare exit firms that are as much a part of the problem as the timeshare companies themselves. It is very unfortunate that some timeshare exit firms are just as dishonest and unscrupulous as many of the timeshare companies and should be the primary target of the timeshare companies. These firms should not be allowed to misrepresent their services, gouge timeshare owners for irresponsibly large exit fees and ultimately do little or nothing to help timeshare owners gain resolution.

It is shameful, but relatively easy to spot these companies, if you know what you are looking for. Unscrupulous timeshare exit firms have some easily identified behaviors that indicate to timeshare owners to stay far away. These behaviors are as follows:

  1. They engage in high-pressure sales techniques (much like the timeshare companies themselves)
  2. They offer fake money-back guarantees
  3. Claim they are associated or have a special relationship with your timeshare company
  4. They tell you that you are not allowed to communicate with your timeshare company anymore
  5. They employ false urgency to get owners to sign up with them that day
  6. Tell you to stop making your payments
  7. They promise 100% credit protection should you stop paying the timeshare company
  8. They treat owners with disrespect and do not answer owners’ questions or phone calls
  9. Their solutions sound too good to be true, saying things like a 100% success rate or that they have never lost a case
  10. They do not have an escrow payment option
  11. They ask for pictures of checks and credit cards because they have no secured merchant services
  12. They have poor or no review history

If you find yourself on the phone with one of these timeshare exit companies, run the other direction. Owners should do their research, ask the tough questions, and make sure the timeshare exit company they decide to work with passes the commonsense test. Never let yourself get bullied or pressured into engaging with an exit firm or making a decision immediately. Always review the agreements in detail and make sure you understand everything about their process to facilitate your exit.

Look for a company that is not a “one size fits all” solution, as not all timeshares are created equal. Make sure you choose a firm that has a transfer option for owners that have paid off their mortgage and both pressure and attorney methods to facilitate their clients release. “One trick pony” exit firms will never reach the same level of success as a firm that has multiple methods to facilitate an owner’s release.

The Centerstone Group Promise

At Centerstone Group we commit never engaging in these unscrupulous behaviors and never mislead owners regarding our services. We offer the most comprehensive exit solution and facilitate resolution for our clients at the highest of professional levels. At Centerstone Group, Results Matter. If you have a timeshare and need to get out, give Centerstone Group a call. Their highly trained team of Specialists will survey your situation and tell you if you qualify for one of our exit solutions. Call today to start the process (949) 401-4111 test


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