Can I Exit a Timeshare I Bought in Mexico?

Can I exit a timeshare I bought in Mexico: building that’s painted like the Mexican flag

The United States is teeming with timeshare developers and resorts, but it’s hardly the only country that has them. You’ll find timeshare companies all over the world, waiting to part vacationers from their hard-earned money with the same-old timeshare scams: promises of vacation ownership that sound too good to be true.


Mexico, with its numerous beaches and rich history, is a beautiful country that is also unfortunately filled with developers seeking to snare the unwary with pricey timeshare contracts. You might think that a contract for a Mexican timeshare is the same as an American one, but they aren’t.


Mexico has an entirely different set of timeshare laws, and its legal system is run in Spanish rather than English. That means that when you pursue a timeshare cancellation in Mexico, you’re likely starting at a disadvantage. Neither the United States federal government, nor that of your state, has any jurisdiction over Mexican companies or properties.


If you’re asking, “Can I exit a timeshare I bought in Mexico?” the short answer is yes, but you have to either understand Mexico’s system for timeshare and contract law or hire a timeshare exit company that is an expert in those matters. In this article, we’ll take a look at why U.S.-based procedures for Mexican timeshare exits don’t work, how to do them properly, and why Centerstone Group is so successful at handling Mexican timeshare exits.


Can I Exit a Timeshare I Bought in Mexico Using American Law or Courts?

Can I exit a timeshare I bought in Mexico: beach in Isla Holbox, Mexico

You might think that if you’re an American citizen, you can use the American legal system and procedures to get yourself out of your contract, no matter where the timeshare resort or developer is located. We’re sorry to tell you that is rarely the case. 


As a legal matter, the United States Supreme Court has long held that where a company doesn’t have a minimum level of contract with a state (or country), it’s not fair for the laws of that state to apply to that company. So, if you go to Mexico, listen to a timeshare presentation from a Mexican company, and buy real estate located in Mexico, there usually isn’t enough of a “minimum contact” for American law to apply to that company.


If you really want a timeshare cancellation, you’re now stuck with using Mexican law and procedures rather than American ones. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, most Americans (and even many timeshare exit companies and lawyers) don’t understand the nuances of Mexican law, even if they can speak fluent Spanish. What might be a legal, ironclad way to end a timeshare contract in California might have no effect south of the border.


And imagine if the timeshare company doesn’t play along. Many times, companies will outright ignore timeshare cancellation letters and continue to bill you for maintenance fees and other charges. While you might know the penalties for that under your state’s law, do you know them under Mexican law? And are you confident of your ability to take a company into Mexican court and get a legal remedy?


For most timeshare owners, the answer will be “no.” Fortunately, we can offer both an explanation of Mexican procedures and a way to use them effectively.


The Right Way to Get Out of Mexican Timeshare Contracts: PROFECO

Portrait of the National Palace

If you’re trying to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico, you have to understand the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor, known as PROFECO for short. PROFECO is a consumer protection agency set up by the Mexican government that you must use to file complaints and requests for arbitration, and to get judgments against timeshare developers


PROFECO can also help you with things like preparing cancellation letters to Mexican timeshare companies under the legal rescission period.


Getting a formal judgment against a timeshare company with PROFECO is a good option, but it comes with some drawbacks. 


First, your Spanish language skills and legal acumen both need to be quite good. Even if you are a fluent or native speaker, PROFECO’s rules can be quite arcane for people who aren’t familiar with the system.


Second, even if you are armed with the language skills you’ll need to navigate the PROFECO system, you will need a local representative in Mexico. Most of the time, that will mean hiring a Mexican attorney or law firm. Hiring an attorney is a stressful and difficult process where you live; doing it from a foreign country with almost no experience is next to impossible and can be dangerous.


Third, as with any legal system, getting a judgment is one thing. Enforcing a judgment, however, presents its own challenges. A judgment is just a piece of paper; once you have it, you must still get action or compliance from a timeshare company within the bounds of PROFECO’s rules. If you don’t follow those rules exactly or miss an important deadline, you may just be out of luck.


Thus, you need to make sure you not only have the facts on your side but that you also have a trusted partner with the experience to make sure that you get the fair treatment and outcome that you deserve. Among the various timeshare exit companies out there, Centerstone Group is your best choice for dealing with Mexican timeshare exits.


Where to Get Help for a Successful Mexican Timeshare Cancellation

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Centerstone Group is the premier timeshare exit company with demonstrated experience in helping owners get out of their Mexican timeshare contracts. To date, we have a 100% success rate in getting our clients through the PROFECO process successfully with companies and vacation clubs like Vidanta, El Cid, Wyndham, and Diamond Resorts


Our professionals have decades of experience in the timeshare industry. They are also adept at finding and working with local professionals in Mexico to obtain the best possible representative for Centerstone clients. We actively work with those partners to make sure that the solutions we find are permanent and enforced so that once we’re done, you won’t have to worry about that timeshare ever again.


Whether you need a timeshare contract cancellation or a refund from the developer, or you want to discuss timeshare rentals or the timeshare resale market (two options we don’t recommend for many reasons), we are here to answer all your questions and get you the best possible result.


Lots of other timeshare exit companies might make promises like these, only to stop communicating or recommend foreclosure once you pay their fees. So, we caution you to do your homework before selecting one as your partner. 


Centerstone is an A-rated company accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We also have dozens of reviews from clients we’ve helped cancel their Mexico timeshares. If you are looking for a legal, ethical exit from a Mexican timeshare, Centerstone Group has the experts to get you the relief you need.


Make Sure You Get the Right Experts for the Job

Wherever you go in the world, you will find that timeshare companies operate in similar ways, with high-pressure sales pitches and outrageous maintenance fees. But where you sign the contract and where your property is located make a big difference in your legal situation. If you have a Mexican timeshare, make sure that your exit company knows Mexican law and procedures.


Centerstone Group is the company that has the expertise you need to lift yourself out of the timeshare money pit. While other companies may tell you they can help you in Mexico, Centerstone Group’s professionals have the results to prove it.


If you are stuck in a Mexican timeshare contract, please contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We’d be honored to have the chance to see how we can help you.


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