What Capital Vacations LLC Reviews Truly Reveal

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Any vacation ownership contract you sign is going to cause you headaches down the line. Annual maintenance fees are ever-present and rise every year. If you have a mortgage, missing payments can result in foreclosure and financial disaster. When you compare them to the lower costs and risks associated with hotels and condo rentals, timeshares don’t make much sense—especially when you get them with a company that has terrible customer reviews, like Capital Vacations LLC.


Why do customers consider Capital Vacations company to be one of the worst timeshare developers? After all, they offer vacation destinations in places like Hawaii, Cape Cod, Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, and the Caribbean. Plus, they are verified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.


To see the complete picture, you need to delve into the online Capital Vacations Resorts reviews. If you spend even a little time looking at these, you’ll see the same story repeated over and over again: long, dishonest sales presentations; shoddy, run-down resorts; terrible customer service; and of course, lots of money down the drain.


In this article, we’ll dive deep into Capital Vacations LLC reviews. We’ll spotlight the most frequent grievances aired by customers about Capital Resorts and provide invaluable insights on how you can sidestep these pitfalls.


The Reality Behind Capital Vacations Company’s Free Offers

Capital Vacations company recognizes that people are becoming more savvy and aware of the techniques employed in the timeshare industry. However, they still need to sell their inventory, so their sales strategies are becoming increasingly inventive. A prevalent tactic, highlighted in Capital Vacations LLC reviews, involves selling multi-day vacation packages to their resorts.


These Capital Vacations Club offers may include exciting vacation experiences like theme park tickets. For example, if you check in to Calypso Cay or any other Orlando-area vacation resort, you might get a package with tickets to Walt Disney World. Or if you’re taking a trip to Branson, Missouri, it might come with free concert tickets.


Upon seeing these offers, many travelers think they’ve scored a deal and eagerly sign up. The resort may even offer a gift card just for showing up. 


However, when you get to the resort, the other shoe drops and the scam begins. You are invited to attend a 90-minute breakfast or lunch presentation about future vacation opportunities. Once you get to the presentation, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a timeshare pitch that can last as long as five hours.


According to Capital Vacations LLC reviews, the sales meetings are as problematic as you might anticipate. They frequently employ high-pressure tactics and make outright misrepresentations during the lengthy periods they keep you in their sales office. One guest complained that he had been signed up for a credit card that was then charged without his consent.


It’s frustrating enough that resort management monopolizes valuable vacation time with drawn-out and deceitful sales pitches. To make matters worse, guests frequently don’t receive the complimentary gifts that initially lured them to the timeshare presentation. And if they do, the gift cards may come with hefty fees, or the promised show tickets might need to be paid for with the resort deposits they said would be refunded.


Besides choosing not to vacation with Capital, the most effective way to sidestep these problems is to be firm and clear in your expectations. If you’re promised a gift card upon check-in at the front desk, insist on the resort fulfilling that commitment. A polite but firm “no” will save you from sitting through a long presentation.


Sales staff may try to make you feel guilty for not letting them pitch to you. Keep in mind that if you’re paying for a vacation package with Capital, you’re a paying guest, and you don’t owe them anything. If you find it challenging to decline with sufficient assertiveness, it’s probably just best to stay away altogether.


Capital Vacations Company’s Troubling Track Record With Customer Support

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Maybe you went on a resort tour, listened to a sales presentation, and liked what you saw. So, you paid the money and became a Capital Vacations Resorts member. If you get to that point, though, you’ll hit another big problem that Capital guests and timeshare owners constantly complain about: lousy customer service.


In a Capital Vacations LLC review, an owner stated that she was persuaded to purchase her timeshare in 2015 based on false representations: first, that she could exit her agreement at any time through timeshare resale and, second, that her maintenance fees would remain unchanged. Beyond these deceptions, her encounters with Capital Vacations company’s customer service proved to be the most distressing aspect.


This timeshare owner called customer service because she didn’t have all the points in her account that she paid for. The first representative she spoke to hung up on her. Subsequent representatives appeared helpful, but none consistently followed up. Despite leaving multiple messages with her phone number and contact information, the company never reached back out to her.


Amidst this situation, another salesperson did give her a phone call, but only to invite her to another owners’ meeting, essentially a sales pitch to buy more points. By the end of her complaint, the owner expressed her desire to terminate her contract. Regrettably, as evidenced by numerous other BBB reviews and complaints, her experience was far from unique.


Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Situation With Centerstone Group

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If you identify with the experiences of the owners mentioned in these Capital Vacations LLC reviews and wish to exit your contract, there’s hope. Centerstone Group is here to help you break free from your unfair timeshare agreement. We’ve got an A+ grade from the BBB, and the best part? Our customers really seem to love what we do, as proven by our 4.79-out-of-5-star rating.


Centerstone Group was founded by individuals who have collectively spent decades creating exit programs for customers stuck in deeded timeshare contracts. We know the tricks that timeshare companies use to keep owners in bad situations and use that knowledge to help you get a legal, ethical exit from your timeshare contract.


If Capital Vacations company refuses to talk with you, we use our unique pressure tactics, like filing administrative complaints, to get their attention. If you encounter a contract issue or any other legal matter, we collaborate with numerous lawyers and law firms to support our clients. Additionally, we can help secure more favorable rates for your legal fees.


Capital Vacations LLC Reviews: A Cautionary Tale for the Avid Traveler

Companies like Capital Vacations LLC artfully peddle a lavish dream that often falls short of reality. They entice you with opulent timeshares boasting perks like free Wi-Fi, in-unit washers, pool tables, flat-screen TVs, hot tubs, and ocean views. By the time disillusioned customers see the real downsides of timeshare ownership, the contracts prove so binding that many unwantedly stay in them.


In response, you try to make the best of it and just enjoy your Capital Vacations Resorts timeshare at the Silver Lake Resort in Florida or the Maritime Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, chalking it up to a lapse in judgment on your part. But the truth is, the company intentionally ensnared you. This sentiment is echoed loudly by the Capital Vacations LLC reviews we’ve delved into today.


It’s our job to find a way to get you unstuck. Let us work with you to get you the freedom and peace of mind you deserve. Check out our FAQ page to see how we navigate the timeshare cancellation process, and contact us today for a free consultation.


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