Ratings and Reviews of Timeshare Exit Companies

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Timeshare exit companies should strive to help timeshare owners escape the bad situations they’ve found themselves in. These owners have made the very expensive mistake of taking on a timeshare purchase they can no longer manage. Timeshare owners seeking help from an exit company are in a financially and emotionally vulnerable state. So what they need the most is a group of knowledgeable, supportive, and trustworthy advisors to help them through the timeshare exit process as smoothly and affordably as possible. The problem is that many businesses, whether in the timeshare exit industry or otherwise, see a vulnerable customer as an opportunity for exploitation. 

If you’ve heard negative things about the timeshare exit industry, it’s likely been from timeshare companies that don’t want to lose your business or from someone who was taken advantage of by a bad apple in the timeshare exit industry.They’ll tell you that timeshare exit companies are scams that exist solely to lure innocent timeshare owners into spending thousands on a supposedly guaranteed timeshare exit plan.

While we agree that there are plenty of timeshare exit scams out there, not all exit companies exist to exploit their clients. However, it’s important to acknowledge the ratings and reviews of timeshare exit companies to show you where these stereotypes surrounding exit companies come from. We’ll analyze the ratings and reviews of three timeshare exit companies with some of the most unlawful and dishonest policies that only contribute to the bad reputation that exit companies have. We’ll also reveal which timeshare exit company is the best and most reliable for clients seeking release from their timeshare contracts.

Ratings and Reviews of Timeshare Exit Companies: 3 of the Worst

One of the most effective ways of determining the quality of a timeshare exit company is to review the company’s Better Business Bureau page. Their BBB ratings and customer reviews will show you the honest experiences of customers who’ve worked with them and how the timeshare exit company acts in response to customer complaints. 

Timeshare exit companies do not have any control over what’s written on BBB like they do on sites like Trustpilot. This means that clients who’ve worked with them can be as honest as they want about their experience. And because timeshare cancellation can be an extremely stressful process to go through, any timeshare owner willing to divulge the intimate details of their unsuccessful exit service must be serious about protecting others against the dangers of trusting the same company that they’ve been conned by. Let’s review three timeshare exit companies with some of the lowest ratings and most negative reviews.

UDI Consulting LLC

A quick scroll through the reviews on UDI Consulting LLC’s BBB profile will show you that this company has been less than honest with many of the clients they’ve worked with. This unaccredited business with an F rating and 1-out-of-5 stars has received a pattern of consumer complaints regarding their failure to issue refunds, to return phone calls and emails, and to provide support from their customer service team. 

Many of the reviewers have stated that they paid UDI Consulting thousands of dollars in upfront fees to resolve their timeshare contracts only to be met with unresponsiveness. Multiple customers also reported that when they tried to reach out to UDI after months of no communication, they were given a runaround as to why no progress had been made. Customers were stalled with requests to provide more information about their timeshare contract or pay more money to move the process along. Some were even switched to another consultant who was just as unhelpful. 

Perhaps the most telling of all UDI’s customer reviews was one from a customer who paid the company $12,000 to get out of their timeshare contract. After the customer had issued several complaints regarding unresponsiveness, UDI finally hired a law firm to assist in the cancellation process. They then threatened if the customer didn’t pay several thousand dollars more, they would no longer represent them. 

UDI also responded on the BBB page stating, “This customer has been given an offer to satisfactorily resolve their timeshare predicament from a reputable law firm. The professional entity has executed perfectly.” The customer then came back at their response, reasserting that the case was not executed perfectly and that after working with UDI for three years, they were still in their original timeshare contract and had not received any refunds from UDI.

Vacation Consulting Services

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Vacation Consulting Services is a timeshare exit company with an F rating and 1-out-of-5 stars on their Better Business Bureau profile. The reoccurring consensus amongst former Vacation Consulting clients is that the company has misleading advertising, fails to issue refunds and cancel timeshare contracts, and has unresponsive customer service agents. 

Almost every review states that clients were advised to supply a couple thousands dollars paid in full when they signed on to work with Vacation Consulting Services. They were then promised a money-back guarantee. If the company wasn’t able to help them escape their timeshare contract and rid them of their timeshare obligations within 12 months, the client would get a full refund. This, however, turned out to be false for many customers. 

Almost all of the reviews of Vacation Consulting Services state that after paying the initial fee, the company went completely silent on them. They couldn’t be contacted by phone or email, and their advisors did not make any attempts to reach out to their clients about the status of their cases. Vacation Consulting Services has not attempted to respond to any of the negative complaints on the website and claims the reason for all their negative reviews was mostly due to the company’s rapid growth.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions

According to Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ BBB page, they are a timeshare exit company that consumers should be wary of working with. This is because they’ve received multiple consumer reviews stating that they’ve failed to honor contracts promising to assist clients with timeshare resale, failed to provide refunds and cancel contracts, and administered misleading sales presentations that promote false information about how easily the company can get clients out of their contracts.

The negative reviews on their BBB page, which has a C+ rating and 2.5-out-of-5 stars, states that many people were contacted by Nationwide Settlement Solutions without their consent. One reviewer claimed that the company randomly reached out to them saying that they may qualify for an abatement of their rising maintenance fees and mortgage payments without the reviewer ever asking to be contacted. 

Another reviewer alleged that Nationwide Settlement Solutions contacted her to convince her to work with them to get rid of her timeshare. The company realized, after already charging an upfront fee, that the client had not owned their timeshare long enough to seek a timeshare exit. However, Nationwide Settlement Solutions would not stop bothering the client and would repeatedly reach out to them after they had requested to be on a no-call list. 

What Is the Best Timeshare Exit Company?

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So, what is the best exit company in the timeshare industry? With an A+ rating of 4.88-out-of-5 stars on BBB, Centerstone Group is definitely a top performer. Former clients praise Centerstone Group for its honest, upfront, and communicative way of working with clients to get them out of their contracts. Throughout the reviews you’ll see that clients are impressed with how quick and affordable it is to work with them. Centerstone Group has even helped clients with multiple timeshares escape all of their contracts. All in all, clients praise Centerstone Group for how professional, understanding, and knowledgeable they are about the timeshare exit process and how quickly they’re able to achieve timeshare release.

Are You Working With a Good Timeshare Exit Company?

Though timeshare exit companies claim to help timeshare owners wanting to escape binding contracts and strenuous financial burdens, they don’t always have the clients’ best interest in mind. Many exit companies — like UDI Consulting LLC, Vacation Consulting Services, and Nationwide Settlement Solutions have low reviews — on Better Business Bureaus because of the unprofessional, unresponsive, and unethical ways they’ve treated their customers.

Failing to call their clients back, charging monumental upfront fees, failing to refund customers, and pestering people to work with them are just a few of the wrongdoings that these poorly operated timeshare exit companies have committed. Luckily, you can avoid all this trouble if you work with an honest and ethical timeshare exit company like Centerstone Group.

At Centerstone Group, we aren’t just a timeshare cancellation company, we are a full-service advocacy group that specializes in resolving timeshare contracts. Our timeshare exit team has years of experience and a deep knowledge of the timeshare industry, so they know how to navigate release for their clients. Centerstone Group has created the most comprehensive, time-tested resolution process in the timeshare exit industry at some of the most competitive rates. Contact Centerstone Group today for a free consultation.


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