Will Timeshare Freedom Group Help You Escape Your Contract?

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The Timeshare Freedom Group is a timeshare exit company in Laguna Hills, California, that claims to have helped nearly 15,000 clients escape their timeshare contracts. They advertise permanent and legal cancellation of timeshare contracts for their clients. Timeshare Freedom Group is forthright about being a selective company, claiming to only take on clients if their specific timeshare situation is accessible enough for cancellation to be possible. If a client is taken on,  Timeshare Freedom Group guarantees that they will be able to directly negotiate with the client’s timeshare company to get them released from their contract.

Sounds like Timeshare Freedom Group is honest enough about their policies and practices, right? Well, if you ask their past clients, some would disagree. Timeshare Freedom Group has a 2.33 out of 5 score on Better Business Bureau (BBB) with many reviewers claiming that the company approved their case, took their money, and never got back to them or strung them along only to say that they couldn’t resolve their case after all, which goes directly against their resolution and money back guarantee policies. 

Let’s break down what this company states that they’re all about, what they’re actually about, and the unfortunate situations that clients of theirs have had to go through. Our hope is that no one else has to be disappointed and ripped off by disingenuous timeshare exit companies.

What Timeshare Freedom Group Claims

Timeshare Freedom Group is very specific about what they say they are and aren’t. According to them, they are a timeshare cancellation company that claims to be able to terminate your timeshare contract legally and permanently. They are able to negotiate with your timeshare company to cut all legal and financial ties to the resort your timeshare resides in. However, they aren’t a law firm that’s able to sue your timeshare company to get you out of a contract, and they aren’t available to purchase your resale timeshare.

Timeshare Freedom Group is admittedly very knowledgeable and honest about the realities of timeshare cancellation and ownership. On their website,, they recognize that many timeshare owners are pressured into buying their vacation property by high-pressure salespeople. They also acknowledge that it’s extremely difficult to resell your timeshare and that timeshare cancellation is nearly impossible to navigate on your own. 

Timeshare Freedom Group is aware that there are many scams out there that take advantage of dissatisfied timeshare owners desperate to get out of their contract, and they claim to not be one of those companies. But is this really true? Let’s determine this by analyzing Timeshare Freedom Group’s four-step timeshare exit process.

What Is Timeshare Freedom Group’s Exit Process?

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Timeshare Freedom Group‘s cancellation process is a four-tiered process. Let’s dive into each step.

1. Consult

Timeshare Freedom Group offers all of their potential clients a free consultation. During this process, timeshare owners will meet with a cancellation advisor to review their specific situation. The advisor will then provide a quote for the cost of following through with the timeshare cancellation process vs. the cost of continuing to own a timeshare over the span of a lifetime. If the client agrees to proceed with timeshare cancellation, they’ll then provide adequate time for the client to research and review the paperwork before officially signing on to the process.

This first step of consulting with the customer before proceeding is standard for any timeshare exit company. Timeshare Freedom Group is aiming to establish a relationship with the client and form an understanding of their unique timeshare situation. The consultation is free, and there are no time restraints on how quickly the client must decide to move forward, which drastically contrasts from the urgent tone that many timeshare company salespeople take when selling vacation properties. 

​​​​2. Plan

Once the client has agreed, Timeshare Freedom Group will introduce them to a Client Manager who will create a timeshare cancellation plan catered to their specific situation. This manager is intended to be the client’s main point of contact throughout the cancellation process and will help them communicate with the legal team involved in cancelling their timeshare contract. The client will then be asked to supply any paperwork that was given to them at the time of purchase as well as bills detailing maintenance fees and other recent payments. Clients must also provide Timeshare Freedom Group with a written statement specifying why they want out of their timeshare contract.

In this planning step, Timeshare Freedom Group is stating that even though the legal team will be in charge of cancelling the clients timeshare contract, the client manager will be responsible for relaying all the details of the legal team’s progress to the client. This seems to be a thinly veiled way of preventing the client from directly dealing with the law team. Timeshare Freedom Group is simply providing an external attorney referral service that the client could likely seek out on their own. Adding a client manager is just a way of justifying a higher price for their services and making their process seem more official. 

3. Manage

Now the Client Manager will start implementing the customized plan they’ve created for their client. At this point, Timeshare Freedom Group claims that they will take over almost all of the responsibilities of getting the client out of their contract and that the manager will simply update the client on how their case is going every month. According to Freedom Group, this process usually takes 6-24 months, which they claim is “standard procedure” for cancelling a timeshare contract.

Many reviewers from Timeshare Freedom Group’s BBB have stated that the process almost always takes 24 months — if not more. The fact that they imply this process can take as little as six months is a drastic underestimate. Another prevalent complaint among reviewers is that Timeshare Freedom Group is notorious for not reaching out to clients and ignoring their emails and calls. Claiming that they reach out to their clients on a monthly basis has been proven false for many of their former clients. 

4. Exit

At this point, Timeshare Freedom Group should have successfully received the cancellation terms from the client’s timeshare company. They will then thoroughly review the terms with the client to make sure everything is to their liking. Once approved, the client will receive written confirmation that their timeshare contract is officially canceled and that they will no longer be the owner of or financially responsible for their timeshare. If Timeshare Freedom Group is unable to get the client released from their contract within a 24-month period, the client will be fully reimbursed for any upfront fees and other Timeshare Freedom Group costs that were previously paid.

Once again, Timeshare Freedom Group is claiming something they haven’t always lived up to. Many of their former clients have claimed that their contracts were not released within the 24-month period. One reviewer complaint has even stated that the group asked to extend the money-back guarantee period by 180 days, but the reviewer didn’t receive a response or a refund once the extension period was up. 

Is Timeshare Freedom Group Trustworthy?

While Timeshare Freedom Group‘s FAQ page makes their timeshare cancellation services seem comprehensive, reliable, and straightforward, this hasn’t been the case for some of their former customers. Though there are some positive testimonials and 5-star ratings from former clients on their Yelp and Facebook pages, most of the Timeshare Freedom Group reviews on BBB have one star. 

And on the BBB page, where they are not even classified as an accredited business, almost all of the negative-reviewing customers claim to have paid thousands of dollars to Timeshare Freedom Group only to be met with no results regarding cancellation and no refunds even after 24 months of failing to resolve their contract. 

Many of the reviewers claim that after paying hefty fees to the group, their Client Manager seemingly disappeared or would not correspond with them as often as promised — if at all. 

There is even a review stating that during the two years this client worked with Timeshare Freedom Group, their manager was switched at least five different times, and they were asked to resend documentation to their new attorney even though the company already had all this information. By the time 24 months was up, the customer received a letter of foreclosure from their timeshare company. 

This made it evident that Timeshare Freedom Group, who claims to be able to get clients out of their timeshare contracts without ruining credit, cannot be trusted to live up to the promises they assure to their customers. They can’t even execute transfers or process exits for Mexico-based timeshares. Timeshare Freedom Group is not a comprehensive exit company. They are an external attorney referral service that fails to meet deadlines and leaves their clients in the dark. 

What’s the Best Timeshare Exit Company?

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Timeshare Freedom Group portrays themselves as an honest, hardworking timeshare exit company that carefully chooses their clients and successfully guides them through the process of timeshare cancellation. They guarantee that if their clients do not get released from their timeshare contracts, they will get all their money back. However, from their reviews it’s plain to see that the company has repeatedly failed to uphold the promises they pride themselves on. Many of their former clients have dished out thousands of dollars and spent years attempting to get released from their timeshare contracts. All they got in return was an unresponsive client manager and an expensive and ultimately unsuccessful attempt at escaping their contract.

If you are seriously considering timeshare cancellation, escape your timeshare free of stress and anxiety by working with a legitimate timeshare exit company with 4.88 out of 5 stars on Better Business Bureau and plenty of positive reviews to match. Centerstone Group is a true full-service advocacy group that specializes in resolving timeshare contracts. We have created the most comprehensive, time-tested resolution process in the timeshare exit industry. So whether you have a timeshare with Diamond Resorts or Hilton Grand Vacations, if you’ve been a victim of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, or misrepresentation during the timeshare sales process, Centerstone Group may be able to help you navigate release. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.


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